Manuscript Evidence

 Historic Bible pages with beautiful illustrations and typography


This class examines the historical and cultural settings in which the scriptures were inspired, and explores the history of preservation and translation, from the original manuscripts to today. We will answer, What is the Bible and where did it come from? What is the Apocrypha? Who decided what books should be in the Bible? Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls important? What is the Septuagint (LXX)? Where do modern Bible translations come from and are all of them right? This course provides solid, practical answers from the Bible itself. An evidential approach to textual criticism is presented providing a relevant defense of the authoritative nature of the Bible. 


2 credit hours
Wednesdays, September 12th - October 17
Live-streamed from Harvest Baptist Church and from the Certainty Conference at First Baptist Church. Students have until December 15 to view classes online and complete work.

Available Online Only