Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone attend LFBI?
Yes, if the applicant meets the criteria as specified on THE APPLICATION PAGE.

How long does it take to get my degree?
The full program of classes will take the average student 4 years (8 semesters) to complete. LFBI is designed for working adults and college students. Each semester includes 6 to 8 credit hours. 

Do I have to complete courses in order?
No. Each student will begin by attending the current course offerings and proceed to fulfill the necessary education in succession from there.  
Note: Exceptions will be reviewed by LFBI staff, instructors and local church pastors as needed.

Can I attend the Institute online?
Yes.  Classes are streamed live through Google hangouts and made available online after the recording has finished. Students must stay current within one week of the in-class students. We encourage all students to attend class in-person whenever possible.

Can I transfer credits from other Bible schools?  How do I do that?
Yes. Applicants who have completed work in another Bible school can receive transfer credit for any courses that are equivalent to our curriculum. The minimum grade that will be accepted is a “C". All students desiring transfer credit can arrange to have official transcripts from other schools sent directly to the Registrar for evaluation and recording in your LFBI transcript. Applicants can not be given transfer credit until the transcripts have been received and reviewed by LFBI administration.

When is the deadline to register?
The deadline to register for any semester of LFBI is the second week of class.

Can I take only one course right now?
Yes, you can take one class at a time.

Is my LFBI tuition tax deductible?
Tuition payments for LFBI are not a legal tax exemption.

Can I attend some classes on campus and others online?
Yes.  We require each student to attend as part of a live viewing group (at any online-enabled partner church) unless approved to take the course as an online-only student.

Do the online courses include video, or do I just have to read through notes?
Online courses include video, notes, and other resources required for course completion.

How many hours each week can I expect to spend on homework?
It totally depends on the student. If you have trouble managing time, it may be difficult to keep up.  Keep in mind that how much work you put into the class will determine how much benefit you will get out of it. You should plan on at least 1.5 to 2 hours per class as a baseline investment each week.

How do I check my grades?
When you are logged into myLFBI.org, you can find the user menu by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of your browser page.  You will find "grades" right under your "profile." 

Can I take an archived class?
If you have a transfer credit for one of the classes that we are currently offering, then yes an archive class is available to you upon approval by the course instructor.

Can I just audit a class?
If you already have credit for a particular class, you can take it as an audit class and have access to the materials and videos. Anyone else auditing will pay 50% of the course fee ($20 per credit) and have access to class materials and videos, but will not get credit for the course.  Auditing students do not get attendance marks or complete any coursework. However, we strongly believe it is better to do the work and get credit!

I'm not planning on being a pastor. Does it make sense to take classes for credit? Can I just audit them?
Not everyone enters into the office of pastor or is sent by their local church as a cross cultural missionary, but this instruction is valuable to anyone desiring to function in or support ministry at a leadership level.  If you are taking the time to audit, why not do the course work in order to increase your learning level and receive credit?