Registration Costs



The new student application fee (non refundable) of $10 is collected when prospective students fill out the new student application.

Registration cost is $40.00 per credit hour and is payable at time of your registration for each class.

Financial Aid

It is our desire that all have the opportunity to study God’s Word at the institute level. As such, financial aid is available to students with need. If financial assistance is needed, please contact the LFBI administrative office for more information.


Spouses of students taking 6 credit hours or more per semester are automatically granted a saving of 50% per course they enroll in.


Cost to audit a class (receive materials but no credit) is half the price of normal tuition ($20.00 per credit hour.)


No registration is accepted after the second week of class.


No refunds are given for early withdrawal past the second week of class or for incomplete classes.