Join us in Israel in November 2019

Join Pastor Alan Shelby, Living Faith Bible Institute students, alumni, staff and pastors from multiple churches to explore the land of the Scriptures. Discover why Jerusalem is sometimes referred to as the “Center of the Universe.” Throughout the journey of over 40 biblical sites, pastor Alan Shelby and others will be teaching a biblical series on ancient Israel related to the sites we visit (the trip is available as a class for LFBI credit.)

Unlike most trips to Israel, this one will be very diverse. Not only will Yoni (our knowledgeable guide who lives in Israel) review many historical facts and sites of the nation, but he will also take us through both Jewish and Palestinian areas explaining the impact and differences of each. 
We will be walking where Jesus walked as we study God's Word and visit and support Israeli ministries; allowing us to see some of what is going on through the work of other believers in Israel today.

We will explore together

  • Places where Jesus taught and ministered.

  • Waterworks! Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, view the Jordan River and swim in the Dead Sea.

  • Cities and sites from the Bible, including Jerusalem and the city of David.

  • Tunnels and caves from the Bible.

  • Calvary and the empty tomb
    and more…

Considering all that is included in our price package, this is an incredible deal!

  • We are projecting the price to be no more than $3579 (plus $120 gratuity.)  

  • Space will be limited to the first 50 participants.

  • Fill out out the registration form to day to reserve your spot!

Interested in Going to Israel & Getting LFBI credit?

You can go to Israel and get credit through the Bible Institute. Apply for LFBI then enroll for the course!

Instruction in the Garden of Gesthsemane.

Instruction in the Garden of Gesthsemane.

Start Planning your Trip Today! 

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