Institute policies


Students who are accountable to focus on class instruction throughout the semester will have a better educational experience. Studies consistently show that when students cram study and coursework in at the end of semester, they retain far less in the long term. Students that come to class (or regularly attend a viewing group) do better.
Students who register for class credit must do so knowing that LFBI must be a priority.  

Attendance Policy Details:

  • Every student needs to develop an attendance plan for the semester. 

  • Attendance will be 20% of your total grade in every course.

  • Unless you are otherwise hindered by your work or ministry schedule, you need to be in a viewing group, whether it is in-person or over livestream.

  • Attendance will be recorded by completing a quiz at the end of each lecture whether you are in a live streaming environment or taking the class at your own pace (see Methods of Instruction for more details on quizzes).

  • If you miss a viewing group, you will have ten days to view the class online before the corresponding quiz becomes inaccessible. 

  • Those who miss class due to sickness, missions trips, work schedules, etc. will still be expected to stay caught up with the class each week.  Instructors may, at their discretion, grant extensions to students who miss class under special circumstances.

  • In general, any student missing the equivalent of five class hours will be required to do additional work, receive a lower grade or withdraw from the class, at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Students should not miss the first session of any class because it is crucial to receiving the requirements and noting the foundational elements for each subject area. Attendance at all class sessions is expected. The student is also expected to show common courtesy to the professor and fellow students by being punctual.


LFBI Grading Scale
A: 92-100% Excellent. Mastery of course material.
B: 83-91% Good. Reasonable understanding of course material.
C: 74-82% Satisfactory. Basic comprehension of course material.
D: 65-73% Poor. Minimal knowledge of course material.

LFBI Grade-Point Calculation
A 97-100               C+ 80-82
A- 92-96                C 77-79
B+ 89-91                C- 74-76
B 86-88                  D+ 71-73
B- 83-85                 D 68-70
                                   D- 65-67

  • Transferring credits: we transfer students' grade-point averages based on the above scale. LFBI does not transfer letter grades.
    This is critical to the consideration of student honors at graduation. LFBI Instructors will calculate a percentage grade on each assignment entered in Moodle.


Pastor/Professor lectures are watched in person or by streaming within the myLFBI classroom environment. Classes may be watched throughout the week if you cannot attend class live. Instructors may administer reading assignments, self-directed study/research, project-oriented assignments, essays or finals. Each week’s lecture will conclude with a weekly post-lecture online quiz.

LFBI quizzes will remain posted for 10-days before they are removed. Incomplete quizzes will be an automatic “0”. Ensure your success by staying on pace with lectures and completing assignments in a timely manner. Do not contact professors or institute administrators about “missed quizzes” unless you have a doctor’s note or in case in the case of clear administrative error.



  • There will be no refunds for early withdrawal beyond the second week of class or for incomplete classes.

  • Students who drop a class after the second week will not receive a refund.  Their class status can, however, be changed to auditing.

  • Students have until the second week of class to enroll for credit.  The penalty for late enrollment is missing the quizzes for the sessions they are not enrolled in.

  • Students will have until mid-term to drop a class and change to auditing status – otherwise, students will receive a failing grade for incomplete work.  The failing grade will go on their transcript.

  • Students may retake a class for credit the next time it is offered by re-enrolling and paying tuition. Both grades will be recorded on transcript


  • We will not accept any transcripts listing a pass/fail grade only. Transcripts must show a letter grade (or grade point average) for each course.

  • If a student desires to transfer credits with a pass/fail grade, the transcript must be accompanied by a paper written by the student to show the student's mastery of and position on the course subject matter. The paper’s scope and grade will be determined by the corresponding LFBI instructor.

  • Students must complete at least 2/3 of their study with LFBI in order to graduate.

  • Students must complete at least 3/4 of their work with LFBI to be considered for honors at graduation.

  • Sixty (60) credit hours are required for graduation.

  • A maximum of 20 transfer credit hours are allowed for graduation consideration.

  • A maximum of 15 transfer credit hours are allowed for honors consideration.

  • The ministry practicum is required for graduation.

  • A missions and/or discovery Trip is required for graduation.

Academic Conduct

·      Academic Misconduct
Academic misconduct is strictly prohibited and will result in an F for the course as well as a board review of student enrollment status.

·      Disability Statement
Students with a documented disability may contact the LFBI officesto make arrangements for academic accommodations. 

·      Classroom Policies
Classroom policies will be established and enforced by the individual instructor. Cell phones, internet social networking and other distractions take away from the learning environment. Use these on class assigned breaks only.