The Vision

Living Faith Bible Institute (LFBI) serves as an advanced equipping arm of like-minded churches whose mission is to mold every member into the image of Christ and mobilize them to minister the Word of God to the world. To this end, LFBI utilizes experienced pastoral leaders to equip men and women of the church to function as shepherds of God’s people through a structured curriculum that is centered on the Word of God. Our goal is to offer, at a reasonable cost, a practical study that develops biblical leadership in a environment conducive to learning to live God’s Word.

Our methodology


Our focus isn't on mankinds idea of what the ministry is, but rather how God defines the ministry in his Word. We teach students how to identify the will of God in the scriptures, laying a foundation for their future ministry involvement. Instructional content is given through several possible learning environments including online, designated and localized LFBI classrooms, and local church viewing groups.


We place a strong emphasis on application of knowledge and living out biblical teaching in the context of serving within the local church. Comprehension is measured through summative (academic) and formative (observational) assessments in conjunction with students local church ministry. We strive to ensure that students understand their biblical purpose thereby being accountable to live the commission of God in virtue and strength.


We teach students how to practically apply their knowledge of God's word and his eternal plan so they can be responsible to lead God's people in the work of evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

  Pastor Greg Axe teaching Bible Hermeneutics

Pastor Greg Axe teaching Bible Hermeneutics

Our distinctives 

Living Faith Bible Institute imparts to students distinctive principles that are unique to the spiritual DNA of our family of churches:

1. A faith based view of the Holy Scriptures
2. A biblical philosophy of discipleship and ministry